What Can You Do With an MSFA

Students in Gordon College’s Master of Science in Financial Analysis program learn about everything from ethics to portfolio management and financial reporting to fixed income analysis, and so much more. Courses for this program are taught predominantly online, making it even easier to complete your coursework without putting your career on hold. 

Investing in an MS in Financial Analysis from Gordon College is an investment in your future; here are some things you can do with this degree upon completion:

Earn a Professional Certificate

An MFSA prepares students to gain several professional financial certifications. Our graduates have gone on to become Chartered Financial Analysts (CFA), Certified Public Accountants (CPA), and Certified Management Accountants(CMA). These certifications are offered by independent organizations but earning an MSFA will equip you with the knowledge, skills, and practice to earn these certifications and quickly elevate your career.

Take on Asset Management

The Corporate Finance Institute describes asset management as “the process of developing, operating, maintaining, and selling assets in a cost-effective manner.” Essentially, asset managers monitor a company’s assets, which is important for the company itself and its stakeholders or investors. Asset managers are also tasked with managing risks, planning for future investments, and calculating how much money a particular asset has gained or lost since it was purchased. As assets move toward the digital space, such as investments in Bitcoin, this role is sure to change and take on new responsibilities, and an MSFA from Gordon College can teach you what you need to succeed in this role. 

Go for Investment Banking

Investment bankers are also a type of financial advisor. According to Investopedia, investment bankers can be responsible for helping companies raise money, prepare bond offerings, manage initial public offerings, or negotiate mergers. Investment bankers are also responsible for arranging financing agreements between two parties. 

This role requires an awareness of the current market and potential conflicts of interest, making an MFSA a great choice for any hopeful investment bankers. Additionally, having a CFA certification is a notable gamechanger for potential candidates.

Thrive as a Financial Representative

This particular role can vary from company to company, but there are several responsibilities that most financial representatives share. This position typically focuses on insurance sales, financial planning, and investment brokerage. 

The variety of information and experience provided by an MSFA is perfect for the kind of flexibility this role requires. This position is well-suited for people who want to work in finance but may also be skilled in customer service. Someone who is outgoing and adaptable would be a great fit for this financial position.

Advance to a Wealth Management Advisor

Another financial job that also requires killer customer service skills is a wealth manager or wealth management advisor. Someone in this position works directly with their company’s wealthiest clients. Investopedia reports that this role is based on a consultative process where the advisor learns what the client wants or needs and provides them with the products or resources that meet their needs. A wide range of financial knowledge is needed for this role, making an advanced financial degree a powerful advantage for jobseekers.

Whether you take on the role of a full-time financial analyst or find a position through obtaining a professional certification, a Master of Science in Financial Analysis degree will put you at the forefront of the finance world. 

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