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What Can I Do With a Public Relations and Journalism Degree?

What Can I Do With A Public Relations and Journalism Degree?

The whirlwind of innovative technology in the past two decades has changed both the public relations and journalism fields. With these changes, both fields still offer in-demand and interesting career opportunities for those who develop the skills and knowledge needed to be successful in today’s world. 

Gordon College’s 100% online bachelor’s degree in communication arts can prepare graduates for careers in both fields. Students learn how communication shapes the modern world with more emphasis on digital channels than ever before. In addition to writing skills, students also develop expertise in public speaking and critical thinking.

What they do with these skills depends on their career goals and interests. Fortunately, for those who aspire to work in public relations or journalism, many different paths are available. 

Jobs in Public Relations
All public relations jobs focus on creating and maintaining a positive image for an organization or individual. Public relations specialists spend a significant amount of time writing press releases and crafting other content for distribution to the media. 

In an age where social media dominates much of culture, public relations professionals also develop and implement social media campaigns. These all work toward increasing awareness of an organization’s brand, a concept that includes what they do, how they do it and how they better serve consumers.

Those who graduate with a degree in communication and focus on public relations find jobs across industries for a variety of businesses: 

  • large companies with a lot of media exposure
  • advertising firms
  • public relations firms 
  • government agency
  • non-profit organization
  • consulting firm 
  • individual

The number of public relations specialists is expected to increase 7% by 2028, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Average annual pay reached $70,190 in May 2019, while the top 25% in the profession earned more than $83,170.

Jobs in Journalism
Much like public relations, the digital age has dramatically changed jobs in journalism. Where once communication graduates who focused on journalism might start their career at a newspaper, they now work more predominantly for websites or directly on social media platforms, especially Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. 

The media and communication jobs available in the modern marketplace makes for a long list. Communications graduates who focus on journalism can still work for newspapers and magazines, although competition is likely fiercer for fewer jobs. But they have many other options, as well. They include the following (salary numbers from the BLS):

Editors ($61,370): Editors recruit and oversee writers, checking copy for accuracy and proper grammar while also developing ideas for content. They work at every type of publication and website.

Interpreters and translators ($51,830): They translate one language into another, either in writing or speech. It’s an increasingly important job in an interconnected world.

Reports and correspondents ($46,270): They inform readers and viewers about news events, increasingly through websites and social media channels.

Technical writers ($72,850): They write instruction manuals, how-to guides and documents included with complex pieces of equipment as well as retail purchases.

Writers and authors ($63,200): A catch-all category for those who write for websites, books, film, videogames and the stage.

Pursuing a public relations and journalism degree is the first step toward many interesting and rewarding careers. For those who enjoy writing, editing and speaking with many different people from many walks of life, it’s a degree that can help them achieve their career goals.

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