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What Can I Do With a Finance Degree?

Earning a degree in finance makes graduates qualified for jobs in many different fields, including careers in market analysis, management consulting, individual personal finance management and working in the insurance industry.

It’s a versatile degree that has been popular for years, routinely ranking in the Top 10 degrees earned in the United States each year (including 2019). Gordon College offers an online, affordable and flexible bachelor’s degree in finance that prepares graduates for many career opportunities in finance. Graduates also can sit for the Certified Public Accountant exam.

Finance attracts those with a proficiency in numbers and a drive to help others succeed in managing money. The following five jobs rank among the most popular in the field. All job growth projections and salary figures were obtained from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

Financial Analyst
All organizations, both in the private and public sectors, need to carefully consider all the financial numbers before making strategic decisions on investments. Financial analysts gather and analyze financial data to provide the information needed to make better, data-driven decisions in this area. They are experts in investment markets, including the latest trends and opportunities.

The BLS projects 5% growth in the financial analyst field by 2028. Salaries for financial analysts reached $94,160 in May 2019.

Management Analyst
A management analyst focuses on consulting with organizational leaders to improve efficiency and effectiveness. While they sometimes have a position within the company, they most often work as consultants. Their goal is to help organizations reduce costs and boost revenue while delivering  quality products and services.

The BLS projects 11% growth in the management analyst field by 2028. Salaries for management analysts reached $95,560 in May 2019.

Personal Financial Advisors
This is perhaps the most well-known position in finance because you deal directly with individuals. Personal finance managers help their clients with many different types of financial planning, including investment accounts, retirement funding and estate planning. 

The BLS projects 4% growth in the personal financial advisor field by 2028. Salaries for personal financial advisors reached $119,290 in May 2019.

Financial Manager
Financial managers have the critical job of overseeing how and when organizations invest cash. It’s a challenging occupation that is quickly growing as more business leaders see the value of having someone who focuses on profit maximization and strategies to increase cash flow for operations. 

The BLS projects 15% growth in the financial manager field by 2028. Salaries for financial managers reached $147,530 in May 2019.

Some finance majors decide to move into the accounting field by taking the CPA exam. If they take this route, they can work in many different areas, including careers as public accountants, forensics accountants, government accountants and investment accountants.

The BLS projects 4% growth in the accounting field by 2028. Salaries for all accountants nationwide reached $79,520 in May 2019.

Earning a finance degree provides many pathways to great opportunities for those who aspire to work with money, which is the life’s blood of every organization’s operations. These jobs require expertise, skills and knowledge, and offer many rewards for those who earn their degree and commit to becoming the best in their profession.

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