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What Can I Do With A Business Administration Degree?

The skills earned with a business administration degree can result in acquiring jobs (and promotions) in companies across industries. These skills also prepare working professionals for management and leadership roles, teaching them effective communication, strategic management techniques, and why ethics are foundational to business success. 

You don’t have to pause your life to earn a business administration degree, either. With the emergence of online education, it’s possible to earn your undergraduate degree while also keeping your current job. Online courses provide the flexibility to schedule watching lectures and doing coursework around your professional and personal schedule.

Gordon College now offers three 100% online bachelor degrees in business administration that offer students the chance to earn a general business administration degree or one with a concentration in management or marketing.

Is It Worth It To Earn a Business Administration Degree?
Business-related degrees continue to be the top choice of most college students. That’s partly because demand remains high for qualified business graduates. 

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects that the number of people working in business and financial operations will grow 7% from 2018 to 2028. That translates into 591,800 new jobs. While entry-level business careers have an average pay of $44,882/year, the average annual pay across all levels of reached almost $70,000 in May 2019. 

Expand Your Career Options With a Business Degree
Versatility is one of the key traits of a business administration degree. The combination of both soft and hard business and leadership skills learned in an online program translate into careers in many different fields. Curious about the types of jobs you can get with a business administration degree?

Training and Development Specialist
As companies work to improve their employee satisfaction ratings, they have increased their focus on training and development. Leading training sessions, setting up and evaluating staff development programs and working with the IT department to bring these valuable programs online are just some of the projects that you’ll likely work on as part of this role. 

Marketing Manager
Job opportunities for marketing managers are expected to increase 8% by 2028, according to the BLS. With your business administration degree with a concentration in marketing, you’ll learn both business and marketing skills that will help you achieve your career goals in this fast-paced line of work, including skills in digital marketing, mobile marketing and data analysis. 

Logistics Specialists
A logistics specialist oversees one of the most important parts of any business: the supply chain. In this division of a company, you’ll oversee fleets and ensure that supplies needed for a business come in when needed, and that goods produced by a company are efficiently shipped out. At widely diversified companies like Amazon and Target, there is incredible room for growth into management in this field. The number of logistics managers is expected to grow 5% by 2028. Average annual pay nationwide reached $74,750 in May 2019.

Sales Manager 
A sales manager typically oversees a team of sales representatives. That includes setting team goals, mentoring younger sales representatives, establishing training programs and analyzing sales-related data for insights. If you’ve been working in sales already, a business administration degree can give you the skills necessary to move into the managerial level for your current (or future) employer. 

Earning a Business Administration Degree
The online business administration programs from Gordon College can set your feet on the path to earning top jobs in your chosen profession. With the convenience of online learning, students can work toward the next step in their career while still earning a living. Gordon College also offers students a generous transfer policy and affordable tuition.  

With the convenience of online learning and the many job opportunities, there’s never been a better time to earn a business administration degree that can help you achieve your career ambitions.

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