Unlock Career Potential

Unlock Your Career Potential with a Master’s in Financial Analysis

While specific details can vary depending on the job, financial analysts focus on collecting and gaining insights from financial datasets. They use this information to put together reports that help business leaders make the best data-driven financial decisions for their company or organization. In many cases, these decisions involve where a company will invest its money, making a financial analyst’s job critical to a successful operation. 

Needless to say, it is a position with a great deal of responsibility. That’s why those who wish to unlock the most from their career potential often earn a Master of Science in Financial Analysis degree in order to gain the skills and knowledge they need to excel in the profession. It’s also an in-demand career, with federal projections calling for almost 31,300 more people to enter the profession by 2030. Financial analysts also earned an average annual salary of $83,660 per year in 2020. 

Earning an MSFA allows a professional to be taught by top experts in the field, develop high ethical standards, and enhance their knowledge so that they are unequivocally qualified for any financial analyst position. 

Access to Experts

The Gordon College faculty brings not only advanced knowledge in financial analysis techniques and strategies, but also experience in applying them to real-world situations. Faculty members have experience at Fortune 500 organizations such as Goldman Sachs, the World Bank, Boeing, Hallmark, AT&T, General Electric and Intel, among others. 

Another way that Gordon students have access to experts is during their summer residency. For MSFA students at Gordon during their two week summer residency, they are provided with the opportunity to network with their peers as well as executive level guest speakers in a variety of different settings. They will have the ability to ask questions, engage in conversation with and learn from industry leading professionals. 

Gordon College also keeps class sizes small so that students can make better connections with faculty members, as well as fellow students. 

Develop High Ethical Standards

At Gordon College, emphasis is placed on producing graduates from the Master of Science in Financial Analysis degree program who have developed high ethical standards to practice both in their personal lives and within their profession. 

Students are required to take Christian Leadership and Ethics in Business at some point within their master’s program in order to fully understand the ethical knowledge that Gordon strives to impart on their students.  

Develop an Expertise in Finance

The success of a financial analyst hinges on their depth of knowledge in macroeconomic and microeconomic conditions as well as their ability to understand the business and financial fundamentals that underpin specific businesses and industries. 

A master’s degree better prepares graduates to excel in these areas which, in turn, makes them better suited to make financial recommendations such as buying or selling stocks, bonds and real estate. They must also stay aware of current trends in their field, and create financial models that anticipate the future using a variety of variables.

Earning a master’s degree in financial analysis prepares graduates for the top jobs in the field, allowing them to maximize their career potential. With the convenience and high quality of online programs, there’s never been a better time to consider earning this graduate degree. Call us at 978.942.5805 or email us at onlineinfo@gordon.edu if you have any questions.

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