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Unconventional Places for a Career in Finance

Earning a Master of Science in Financial Analysis from Gordon College will give you a strong foundation for a career in finance, but what does that really look like? When thinking of the financial world, many people imagine working for a Fortune 500 company in a major city. While this hustle and bustle is ideal for some, others may find that they desire a different kind of career. There are many seemingly unconventional places where you can build your career in finance.

1. Higher Education

Universities and colleges have busy financial departments, making them a great place to get your start. It is essential for schools to have a team that balances budgets and generate reports for different departments and projects. If living in a large city isn’t appealing to you, schools are ideal because they can be found all across the country. Working in higher education gives you the opportunity to pursue your own goals while contributing to the future of your community.

2. Regional Insurance Companies

Similar to higher education, working for an insurance company in your area helps you connect with and assist your neighbors. At a company like this you will help manage individual accounts or analyze profits and spending for the company as a whole. These can also provide the opportunity to build your rapport with clients before taking the leap to a larger company.

3. Nonprofits

Do you have a cause you care deeply about? If you do, working at a nonprofit might be right for you. Investopedia reports that nonprofits are frequently searching for “financially savvy” people because of the many records they are required to maintain. This is a perfect path for someone who wants to grow their skills and invest in their passion simultaneously.

4. Financial Consultant

If you’re an independent worker who can manage multiple projects at once, you can start your own financial consulting agency or serve as a freelancer on several teams. You can work remotely or locally to assist individuals and small businesses who need assistance with financial planning. This is a more flexible option for people who can balance several clients without batting an eye.

No matter where and how you want to work, a Master of Science in Financial Analysis degree will put you at the forefront of the finance world. Not sure what next step in your career is right for you? Take our Career Finder Survey for your customized job profile!

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