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Complete your degree
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Complete your degree
at Gordon Global


Enroll in Gordon’s online degree completion programs and take charge of your career.

Maybe college wasn’t right for you the first time around. Maybe financial or family reasons stopped you in your tracks. The circumstances may not have been ideal at the time, but now you’re ready to take charge of your career by completing your degree.

Gordon Global is designed to help you complete your bachelor’s degree. That means you don’t have to start from scratch. With a faith-based component, devoted faculty, and a dedicated student success coach, all of our programs teach you how to thrive in your chosen career by applying the credits you previously earned at another institution towards your Gordon Global degree.

We are committed to challenging our students to constantly improve themselves and are committed to consistently improving what we offer our students. Not only are we updating the programs we offer based on the ever-changing world, but we are also constantly improving our courses to contain the most up-to-date, relevant information so our students are able to make an immediate impact in their career. 

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Learn more about Gordon from our Executive Director of Gordon Global Adult Education, Dr. Ivan Filby:

Dr. Ivan Filby is the founding executive director of the Gordon Global adult education program. Prior to working at Gordon, Dr. Filby was the President of Greenville University (IL) where he launched 3 new schools and increased enrollment. He has worked at the presitugious University of Dublin (Ireland): Trinity College and lectured around the world in Hong Kong, Japan, China, Russia, Mexico, Spain, Sweden and Denmark.


In our online accounting program, you learn more than how to just crunch numbers. You’ll dive into analyzing and keeping financial accounts and master how to advise on financial decisions. Through our program, you will combine business acumen with a Christian liberal arts education and be prepared to take the CPA exam. Gordon alumni have a pass rate that is nearly 38% higher than the national pass rate.


A finance program is all about learning how to maximize wealth. Here at Gordon, you learn about investments and financial planning, you’ll have a complete understanding of financial markets and be able to have an immediate impact on your workplace and you’ll be prepared to take both the CFA Level 1 exam and the CFP exam.

Business Administration, General

People are at the heart of a business administration degree from Gordon College. Learn the inner workings of interpersonal relationships across any area of business, grasp how to communicate and lead diverse groups of people and prepare yourself for a wide range of careers from management to human resources all within the business administration degree at Gordon College.

Business Administration, HR Management

Human resource management has catapulted to staggering importance over the past decade and continues to rise. At Gordon, we blend the broad education of a business administration degree with the niche skills an HR professional needs to succeed with a Christian mindset. Graduates will be able to assess HR business related risks, understand best practices in professional instructional design, develop and evaluate training programs and understand and identify relevant labor laws by the time they graduate.

Business Administration, Marketing

Marketing is interdisciplinary in nature, fusing business with the creativity of both design and creative writing. At Gordon, you’re able to take a wide range of courses in order to hone in on the spark that defines who you are as an individual while still receiving the business backing which will allow you to flourish as a marketing professional. You will simulate real-world challenges by developing mock campaigns for new products from start to finish.

Communication Arts, Journalism and Public Relations

The journalism and public relations pathway at Gordon highlights the importance of strong writing skills while also delving into the psyche of people and relationships, which is a key part of both fields. Throughout this program, you’ll not only learn the skills to communicate but be able to do so effectively across multiple forms.

Organizational Leadership

Organizational leadership is framed around the idea that leaders can motivate individuals for the betterment of the organization. Gordon’s organizational leadership program capitalizes on this idea and provides students with the skills needed to be a motivational and ethical leader. By the end of the program, you’ll be able to demonstrate ethical leadership skills intertwined with faith values and collaborate and develop interpersonal relationships cross-functionally.

Business Administration, Digital Marketing

The world has become so interconnected that marketing has needed to adjust, thus digital marketing as a separate discipline was formed. The digital marketing concentration within the business administration degree takes the overall business concepts learned in a business administration degree and teaches students digital marketing skills to thrive in the current business world. Students will learn how to build effective cross-channel campaigns and assess their effectiveness, gain in depth knowledge of copywriting and design and tackle SEO/SEM.

Business Administration, Management

A concentration in management within the broader business administration degree at Gordon teaches students how to lead holistically and ethically. The management concentration’s curriculum is focused on understanding each individual person and being able to accurately manage them so that both the individual and the organization prosper. Students will establish their own ethical leadership style, learn how to motivate others and help employees develop as both professionals and people.

Business Administration, Supply Chain Management

At Gordon, we take the essence of supply chain management and combine it with business administration, so that our students can not only ensure that a supply chain’s process runs smoothly, but can also solve any problems that arise, think critically about the supply chain as a whole and have an immediate, positive impact on any company. You’ll learn how to quantitatively forecast inventory needs, assess the costs and requirements of setting up a supply chain, and design and implement a full supply chain.

Faith Perspective

Faith is integral to the learning experience at Gordon College. We welcome those from all denominations who wish to further their lives through learning with a faith focused lens. Faith is embedded in our curriculum, in both the courses we teach and how they are taught. It is our hope that our students will not only receive an excellent education, but learn to live christ-centered lives.

Faculty Connection

Our small size allows our faculty to create deep connections with our students. Our faculty is dedicated to our students and works with them to make sure they achieve their goals. Even though our degree completion program students are all online, our faculty works around their schedules to set aside time when the students need it. Whether it is talking through an assignment or meeting one-on-one over the phone or video call, our faculty is there for our students.

Student Success Coach

One of the most advantageous things we provide for our students is an online student success coach. Your coach will help you with everything from logging in and registering to when you are struggling through a class. They are there to help you  make the transition back to a learning environment a success. They will be by your side through the whole process: from confirmation of attendance through graduation. Any questions you may have, your success coach will be able to answer.

Workable Option for Working Professionals

At Gordon, we prioritize the needs and experiences of online learners, which are unique from the traditional on-campus learner. The result is a highly active and interactive learning environment on a flexible schedule.

  • Six starting points Gordon’s fully accredited online degree completion program offers six starting points throughout the year, making it easy for you to begin your degree whenever and wherever is best for you. 
  • Short course length Courses are seven- to- eight weeks long and most of our students complete two courses simultaneously each term, for a total completion time of three years (full-time) at 10–12 courses per year. Part-time options are also available.
  • Asynchronous delivery Designed with the working professional in mind, courses are asynchronous. This means you can complete the weekly material and assignments at your own pace, with the option for synchronous appointments such as live office hours and review sessions.
  • Digital-native content Course strategy, material and delivery are all designed by experts in online learning and are native to the digital platform, not a repackaging of in-person material. As a degree completion student, you will master the same skills as they would in a traditional residential format, but through different assignments and activities built specifically for the online learning experience.  
  • Accessible material Weekly materials will feature video presentations, readings, virtual discussions and periodic evaluations through Gordon’s online learning platform, Canvas, which is ADA compliant and accessible via browser and app.
  • Directly applicable Gordon’s online degree completion programs feature real-world applications to bring learning to life and empower students to have a direct, immediate impact in their current workplace.
  • Active and engaging Students have ample opportunities to interact with their classmates and professors using innovative digital tools designed to build community and foster faith formation. 




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As one of the nation’s premier Christian liberal arts colleges, Gordon College helps students connect their passions and vocational aspirations to their faith and prepares them for leadership and a life of service. Learn more about how Gordon College can become a stepping stone in your future successes here

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