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100% Online B.A. in Communication Arts, Journalism and Public Relations

100% Online B.A. in Communication Arts, Journalism and Public Relations

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Finish your degree strong when you earn your B.A. in Communication Arts, Journalism and Public Relations pathway through our affordable, flexible, 100% online program. In our robust program designed for working professionals, you’ll focus on the art of communication and how to apply it to a variety of fast-growing careers across industries. From communicating with the public to the media, you’ll develop in-demand skills like critical thinking, public speaking and writing, and will graduate confident in your ability to make an immediate impact in the workplace by being able to generate new ideas, offer creative solutions, convey compelling stories and more.

You’ll also receive personalized instruction from Gordon’s highly experienced faculty who always make your success their top priority. 





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Expand Your Career Opportunities and Improve Your Earning Potential

Earning your BA in Communication Arts, Journalism and Public Relations online from Gordon College expands your career opportunities and improves your earning potential.

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Projections for roles that become accessible with your communication arts bachelor’s degree are projected to grow as fast as or faster than average by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Examples include:

*Median pay is based on data collected from individuals reporting income. Individual data is based on education, experience, and a combination of salary, commissions, and bonuses and varies based on geographic location. 

Curious about curriculum?

Our robust and relevant curriculum teaches students a range of in-demand skills and equips them with the tools they need to succeed in a variety of communication-, journalism- and public relations-related fields, including market research, product development, social media, integrated marketing and more.

Curriculum (120 credits, total number of credits dependent on amount of transfer credits accepted)*:

COM 101 – Visual Storytelling 
COM 152 – Media & Society 
COM 205 – Perspectives on Communications 
COM 425 – Internship
COM 492/493 – Sr. Sem
ISE 305 – Introduction to Social Enterprise
ECB 348 – Organizational Behavior 
COM 242 – Interpersonal Communications 
COM 325 – Public Relations & Advertising
COM 344 – Persuasion 
ECB 277 – Principles of Marketing 

COR 107 – The Great Conversation: Foundations in Thinking, Reading and Writing 

BCM 101 – Old Testament History, Literature and Theology 
BCM 103 – New Testament History, Literature and Theology 
BCM 308 – Christian Theology 
ENG 140 – Core Seminar in Literature
HIS 121 – Historical Perspectives on Culture, Belief and Civilization 
NSM 202 – The Scientific Enterprise 
PHI 118 – The Examined Life 

Language Study (8 credits) 
One year of foreign language study (in the same language) at the beginning college level is required. 
LAT 101 – Beginning Latin I
LAT 102 – Beginning Latin II

Students who validate language I or language I and II will complete 4 credits each in social sciences, fine arts, and literature. Students who do not validate the language requirement will complete 8 credits of language and 8 credits total in social sciences, fine arts, and literature, with at least two credits from each of those three categories.

4 credits from each area. Additional information and specific exceptions can be found in the Academic Catalog.

Natural Sciences 
BIO 222 – Environmental Science 
MAT 134 – Survey of Calculus 

Social Sciences 
ECB 101 – Principles of Microeconomics
ECB 349 – Leadership in and of Organizations

Fine Arts 
COM 152 – Media & Society 
COM 205 – Perspectives on Communication

A Workable Option for Working Professionals

Gordon’s online platform prioritizes the needs and experiences of online learners, which are unique from the traditional residential learner. The result is a highly active and interactive learning environment on a flexible schedule.

  • Six starting points. Gordon’s fully accredited online program offers six starting points throughout the year, making it easy for you to begin your degree whenever and wherever is best for your schedule and goals. 
  • Short course length. Courses are seven- to- eight weeks long, and most students complete two courses simultaneously each term, for a total completion time of three years (full-time) at 10–12 courses per year. Part-time options are also available.
  • Asynchronous delivery. Designed with the working professional in mind, courses are asynchronous, meaning you can complete the weekly material and assignments at your own pace, with the option for synchronous appointments such as live office hours and review sessions.
  • Digital-native content. Course strategy, material and delivery is designed by experts in online learning and is native to the digital platform, not a repackaging of in-person material. Students will master the same skills as they would in a traditional residential format, but through different assignments and activities built specifically for the online learning experience.  
  • Accessible material. Weekly material will feature video presentations, readings, virtual discussions and periodic evaluations through Gordon’s online learning platform, Canvas, which is ADA compliant and accessible via browser and app.
  • Directly applicable. Gordon’s online degree programs feature real-world applications to bring learning to life and empower students to have a direct, immediate impact in their current workplace.
  • Active and engaging. Students have ample opportunities to interact with their classmates and professors using innovative digital tools designed to build community and foster faith formation.

Finish your communications degree strong



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