3 benefits of completing your undergraduate degree online

As job markets open up post-COVID, degree completion opportunity can boost local economy, communities and families.

More than six billion jobs are projected to be added to the U.S. economy in the next decade, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics. And more than 36 million Americans hold some college credits but haven’t completed an undergraduate degree, according to the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center. This year may be an opportune time for adult students to obtain their bachelor’s degree as the economy begins to strengthen and job prospects grow. 

And with access from home for an online degree and a schedule that can meet the needs of working adults, students enrolling at Gordon College can complete a degree in less than three years. Students can pursue undergrad degrees in accounting, communication arts, business administration and finance, as well as a master’s of science in financial analysis

“Our program is high-quality, one of only two nationally ranked Christian universities in the nation,” said Ivan Filby, executive director of Gordon’s Global Adult Education program. 

Earning a degree online through Gordon can help professionals connect to a broader network, which then helps them with greater access to the job market and links to hiring managers, Filby said. Earning a degree also gives a sense of accomplishment, as well as provides the tools to continue to learn, a major differentiator when advancing a career. 

“In the job market today, you’ll see many skills listed on job descriptions are soft skills,” Filby said. “Working with teams, motivating others, effective communication, leadership, critical thinking and effective decision-making. A high-quality degree from Gordon, a liberal arts degree, means that students can develop those critical skills businesses that organizations are looking for.” 

The programs at Gordon are collaborative, with fellow students, advisors and online professors helping  students find their passions, bring to life their career goals and use the experience to move forward in their career. 

“We want to be as affordable and efficient as we can be,” Filby said. “Completing a degree does so much in a person’s life, in their family’s life and their grandchildren’s lives. It changes your destiny.”

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Gordon College is a Christian college of the liberal arts and sciences on Boston’s North Shore. The college offers majors in 37 fields and has graduate programs in education and music education. Leading the way in Christian college merit, Gordon is nationally ranked for its excellence in academics and its role in character building. These achievements recognize Gordon as one of the nation’s top Christian colleges.

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