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5 Reasons To Finish Your Undergraduate Degree

Have some college credit but no degree? You are not alone.

An estimated 36 million people in the United States earned some college credit in the last three decades, but did not finish their undergraduate degree program. While there are many reasons people may leave college to enter the workforce (finances, familial obligations, health issues), there are also many reasons why now is the perfect time to finish your undergraduate degree. 

Five reasons why now is the perfect time to finish your undergraduate degree:

  1. More Job Opportunities
    More professional jobs than ever now require that you have a bachelor’s degree. Bachelor degree holders have about 25% of all jobs in the nation, while another 15% are held by those with a master’s degree, according to the Chronicle of Higher Education. They project that by 2027, there will be even fewer jobs available for those without a degree.

  2. Higher Salaries
    Having a college degree can have a big impact on income, according to data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Those with a bachelor’s degree earned a median weekly income of $1,248 in 2019, while those with an associate degree earned $887. Those with “some college, no degree” earned only $833 per week.

  3. Better Marketability
    In 2019, the BLS also reports lower unemployment rates for those with a college degree, (the most recent data available). The unemployment rate at various levels of educational attainment were:
    • High school diploma – 3.7%
    • Some college, no degree – 3.3%
    • Associate degree – 2.7%
    • Bachelor Degree – 2.2%

  4. Preparation For Specialization
    Every degree program provides graduates with detailed knowledge on the skills needed to succeed in a particular field. For example, Gordon College offers 100% online degrees in accounting, business administration, finance and communication arts. Each helps graduates take the next step forward in their careers in those specific fields, plus within the business administration degree, you can narrow your specialization even further by choosing from the general, management, and marketing concentrations.

  5. Networking Opportunities
    When you enter a degree program, whether online or on campus, you meet other like-minded students who may share many of the same goals and have the same ambitions. Creating a network of such people can further your career, often even years after degree completion, and lead to friendships that last a lifetime.

Online degree programs designed for working adults have made it easier for students to return to college while maintaining their current job and family, community, and church responsibilities. These programs offer the flexibility that has made earning a bachelor’s degree much more possible for those already in the workforce.

The reasons why you didn’t finish your degree no longer matter – what matters is now moving forward and finishing your undergraduate degree. Doing so can put you in a better position to earn promotions, increase your earning potential, and fulfill your career ambitions.

Gordon College offers a variety of online undergraduate degree programs designed to give working adults the skills they need to take the next step in their current careers or to make the switch into another field.

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