3 benefits of completing your undergraduate degree online

3 Major Benefits of Completing Your Undergraduate Degree Online

Currently, there are 36 million Americans who have college credit towards an undergraduate degree, but did not complete a degree. Whether you began your degree on a physical campus or online, completing your undergraduate degree online may be the best fit for your lifestyle at the moment.  

We interviewed Dr. Ivan L. Filby, Founding Executive Director of the Gordon adult education program, and he provides invaluable insight into the benefits of completing an undergraduate degree online.

1. An Online Degree Program Means ‘There’s Never Not A Good Time’ to Start

Completing your undergraduate degree has the potential to change your life in so many ways. Thanks to a flexible online program, you have the ability to change your life today! “We’re in an unusual moment in history that we never expected and that changes how people think about business,” Filby said. “It means people have to press down more into traditional skills, but it also means that we’re also going to need new skills.” According to Filby, the overall process of becoming an undergraduate degree earner as an adult is an outstanding accomplishment in itself. 

However, these are some life-changing skills you’ll master in the undergraduate program:

  • Strengthens your network: You’ll build a network of people who are actually rooting for you; looking for and informing you about all job opportunities. 
  • Builds self-confidence: You’ll feel a huge sense of accomplishment when you complete the degree and pass this significant milestone in life. 
  • Enriches you as a human being: You’ll discover how you’re going to contribute to the world and help make a difference in your community.
  • Teaches you how to learn: You’ll learn how to learn; an essential skill in a person’s life. This skill maintains your ability to find meaningful employment, and overcome challenges.

“There’s never not a good time to complete the degree, because completing a degree does so much in a person’s life, in their family’s life and their yet unborn children and grandchildren’s lives,” Filby said. “It changes your destiny.” 

2. An Online Degree Program Helps Overcome Initial Fears More Easily

There’s no doubt fears may emerge when adult learners think about continuing education and completing an undergraduate degree. The main fears you may have are cost, assimilation, ability, and time. “Those fears are normal,” Filby said. “…Of course we have those fears: Will I be able to do it? Will I be able to complete it? Will I find friends in the class? For 95% of the students once you make those initial connections, [there’s] less judgement and more walking alongside, telling them you can do this.” 

A flexible online program allows students to overcome those initial fears, because: 

  1. Everyone who is enrolled is getting used to the online environment of learning together.
  2. The programs are not designed to be done alone; there’s a team environment. 
  3. Adult learners are a lot more collaborative; you become part of a team of people walking in the same direction. 

Gordon College’s professional majors within a liberal arts degree provide a rich learning environment with the knowledge of truth that not every opinion or idea is going to be right— some of them are going to be wrong. It’s the experience of learning from each other and from different perspectives that makes a difference. “There is another perspective. That makes education really rich,” Filby said. “Come and try it. If you can come into one of my classes I think you’ll start to say you can do this. ‘I can do this well, because I realize I’ve got things to say.’”

3. An Online Degree Program Is Directly Applicable To Your Life

Gordon College prepares students from the day they start the undergraduate program, through the program, and beyond graduation. The basis: mastering the skill of learning how to learn. According to Filby, if a person learns how to learn, then they’ll be able to pursue jobs that aren’t even created yet. “There are 100’s of millions of jobs that didn’t even exist 15 years ago,” Filby said. “…The skill of learning to learn is a foundational skill that enables students to develop those other skills that they need according to what the job market is trying to do. Almost like a stem cell – lifelong learning becomes so critical.”

Not only does Gordon prepare you for future employment opportunities, but students learn how to apply new knowledge immediately. Filby gave an example from his own Principles of Management course in which students use every day business management tools to form a real-life business venture. Students respond to a fictional animated case study of an entrepreneur in the pet industry. For this case study, they need to figure out the market analysis, put together an industry analysis, and figure out strengths and weaknesses all in their own geographic area. “In these classes, we give you information you can use the next day at work,” asserts Filby. 

Begin Today, Accomplish Greatness Tomorrow

Gordon College offers the following affordable, flexible, and fully online undergraduate degree programs: 

“There is something absolutely wonderful about adult education—working with a student who for all sorts of good reasons has started but not been able to complete it,” Filby said. “One of the great things about the program at Gordon…we want to walk alongside you so you get the sense of accomplishment.”

If you begin to pursue completing your undergraduate degree today, then there’s no knowing where tomorrow will bring you. Take the next steps to become a life-long learner and achieve your goals.    

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